District / External Business

While supporting efforts to maximize revenue, EDCOE operates as an intermediate agency operating on behalf of the federal, state and county governments and provides financial services to districts that consistently and accurately track and review accounting and payroll functions for districts. In addition, the department reviews, approves and monitors all school district budgets as part of its fiscal oversight role.

As an intermediate agency functioning on behalf of the federal, state, and county governments, School District Financial Services provides mandated or directed services; monitors and reviews accounting, budgeting, and payroll functions for the school districts within El Dorado County. School District Financial Services provided fiscal services that:

  • Support districts efforts in maximizing revenues while also ensuring accuracy and consistency in meeting their legal fiscal requirements
  • Reviews, approves and monitors all school district budgets
  • Prepares accounting and reporting to State Teacher's Retirement System, Public Employee's Retirement System, and other payroll related agencies
  • Distributes districts' revenue, and prepares and computes the state reports which generate the majority of schools districts' revenue
  • Audits and processes all districts' payments including payroll and vendor payments

Accounting Services

Accounting services distributes district revenue, prepares revenue-generating state reports, audits,...


Fiscal Services

The department ensures accuracy and consistency in meeting legal requirements,...


Student Data

Student data provides support to districts in implementing California's statewide...


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