Internal Business

Beyond overseeing all EDCOE budgetary development and reporting, the department works closely with programs to maximize assets and support innovative ways to generate revenue. Internal Business reviews and pays all EDCOE expenditures including payroll, manages revenue, and completes all state and federal required reporting throughout the fiscal year.

The department is responsible for the development of the annual budget for all programs operated by the El Dorado County Office of Education.

Additionally, the department is responsible for revisions and required financial reports associated with the budget. Currently, the state required reports involving the overall budget consist of the original budget. 1st Interim Budget, 2nd Interim Budget, and the Annual Financial Report. A multitude of required program financial reports and state and federal financial reports are also completed at various points in the fiscal year. Various budgetary control procedures are enforced during the year and a review of all transaction is done to insure that proper cost accounting activities takes place.

Accounting Services

Receives and records revenue, as well as reconciling and reporting...


Accounts Payable

Responsible for vendor payments, contracts and employee reimbursements, as well...



Committed to transparency, while managing its budget and fiduciary responsibilities...


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