Personnel Services Department

Wendy Frederickson, Executive Director

LuAnn Lantsberger, Personnel Coordinator


The Personnel Services Department’s mission is to serve El Dorado County Office of Education programs by ensuring  qualified and professional teachers and classified staff serve students in our programs and to act as a resource for school districts within the County.

The Personnel Services Department provides the following services for El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) programs and our school districts including:  Livescan (fingerprinting) services for school employees, Substitute Services (Guest Teachers and Classified), and credentialing services.  The EDCOE Personnel Services Department monitors credentials for all certificated employees working in El Dorado County to make sure teachers and administrators have current credentials and are working within their areas of authorization.  EDCOE's Personnel Services Department fingerprints potential school employees and volunteers for EDCOE and school district programs.  The Personnel Services Department also manages employee benefits for EDCOE employees.

El Dorado County Office of Education is a Merit System employer.  EDCOE's Personnel Services Department works with the Personnel Commission in hiring, promoting, and retaining the most qualified staff for non-teaching positions.

Human Resource Council meetings are held bi-monthly for all personnel staff in school districts within El Dorado County. These meetings provide the opportunity to share expertise with colleagues in the personnel field.  Additionally, the Personnel Services Department supports school districts within El Dorado County with any personnel assistance they may require.


Employees may access resources and information related to health benefits...


Job Descriptions & Salary Schedules

Job descriptions and salary schedules are provided for EDCOE certificated...


Credentialing Services

EDCOE Personnel Services Department assists individuals with obtaining California certification...


Substitute Services - Certificated/Classified

EDCOE provides substitute services for both teachers and classified positions...


Finger Printing Services

Services are provided for employment clearance, and personnel support is...


Personnel Commission/Merit System

The division maintains a Merit System for the management of...


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