EDCOE launches comprehensive distance learning website

EDCOE launches comprehensive distance learning website

00:00 AM - May 13, 2020

Distance learning has become the new normal for the 2019-20 school year, and the plethora of resources available to teachers and families can become overwhelming. Luckily, EDCOE’s Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability (CI&A) team worked fiercely to vet available resources, organize them in a user-friendly fashion and launch a comprehensive website to assist visitors. “We are excited to unveil this tool for El Dorado County, and I am so proud of our team’s effort during its creation,” Gigi Marchini, Director of CI&A expressed. “It is the beginning of our more in-depth resource bank that is being developed for distance learning as we move into the 20-21 school year and beyond.”

Visitors have access to a library of tools including E-Learning Tools & Resources, English Language Arts Resources, English Language Learner Resources, Math Resources, Science Resources, Social Emotional Learning, Special Education Resources and more. Some links provide direct access to video tutorials such as Zoom, while others take visitors to a Google Drive to download documents to assist with lessons such as Daily Remote Math Learning Activities.

Jill Morton, Director of Professional Development, explained, “Our primary focus is to support teaching and learning in our districts. As we begin to plan for the upcoming 20-21 school year, our team is committed to providing professional development opportunities that support distance learning and student engagement. We see ourselves as partners in this work and look forward to the continued collaboration with our districts to determine the best ways we can serve our schools in these unique times.”

Several individuals in the CI&A contributed to this achievement and include CI&A Director Gigi Marchini, Director of Program & District Support Dr. Melissa Kistler, Director of Professional Development Jill Morton, Coordinators of Professional Development MaryJo Verbitsky and Kate Nachtman, and Program Assistants Ellen Kroon and Kassy Paul. In addition, Content Specialists (K-8 teacher leaders from El Dorado County school districts who focus their efforts on mathematics and science) contributed to the collection of these materials. The material is currently located on a website and will eventually be housed on a platform called Canvas where it will be continually updated. 

Kate Nachtman added, “Our team’s intent is to continue to provide supports to teachers, students, and families, regardless of the learning environment. Teaching and learning has been forever changed. As educators, we are reimagining what meaningful connections and learning opportunities could look like beyond the boundaries of conventional structures and physical space.”

The site is live now and may be access at edcoe.org or https://sites.google.com/edcoe.org/distance-learning-resources/home