EDCOE Transportation Receives a Lot of Love during February

EDCOE Transportation Receives a Lot of Love during February

00:00 AM - February 18, 2021

At the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE), the Transportation team is being honored for safely and compassionately driving students with disabilities to school locations throughout the county. They drive vans and Type A busses to and from 19 different campuses with unrelenting focus on student safety and big hearts.  During the month of February, the team celebrates the “Love the Bus/Van Driver” program and receives well-deserved recognition for their hard work.

Paul Bracco, Transportation Director explained, “Each week this month we are doing something a little special to show our appreciation for our bus and van drivers. We kicked off the month with a ‘Love the Bus/Van Driver’ banner hanging on our office deck. Thus far, we have celebrated our drivers with cookies, cupcakes, breakfast burritos and will cap off the month with a personalized item for each of the drivers.”

Anne Hunt has been driving at EDCOE for almost two years and noted, “My first glance at the “I love the bus/van” banner was - this is awesome! It defines us as we are an unmarked building. The little extra appreciation of treats this month has been welcomed.”

Having driven for seven years, Tony Patti, remarked, “I wake up every morning looking forward to coming to work at EDCOE. Seeing the “Love the bus/van” banner is a nice daily reminder of appreciation and what we are all about.”

Robin Jarrett has driven for eight years and stated, “The event to promote the team of drivers has been very welcoming and appreciated.”

The “Love the Bus/Van Driver” program was started in 2007 by the American School Bus Council (ASBC). The purpose of the program is to celebrate the positive influence transportation providers have on learning through stories that span the nation. Tamara Clay, EDCOE Executive Director of Special Services, spoke about the stories of inspiration that many drivers shared, “Our drivers have a special connection to our students. They are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to ensure that they get to school and home safely. Many of them have transported the same students for years and are a critical part of the students’ and families’ educational experience.”

Paul continued to explain that, “Each February, we invite students, schools and educators to highlight the important role and show appreciation for the bus/van drivers have in the community and the students that they serve.” He continued, “We have also mailed out recognition forms for each program classroom for the teachers and students to share their appreciation for their driver(s). When the forms are returned, they are showcased on our dispatch window for our drivers to read.”

Paul noted, “Many drivers have overwhelmingly expressed their appreciation for the recognition and to ‘be appreciated.’  Our drivers play such a critical role in each our students lives each and every day. In some cases, our drivers set the tone to how a student’s day will go based on how they are greeted in the morning. I am truly honored to be working with this great group of drivers. They all come to work daily with the focus of safety, passion and professionalism.” 

EDCOE is currently hiring loving and dedicated individuals to join the team of drivers. If you or someone you know is interested in joining the transportation team, applications are due by 3:00 p.m. on March 8. For more information visit https://www.edjoin.org/edcoe