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Educational Services

Delivering educational excellence that helps prepare every student for success

Kevin Monsma, Associate Superintendent


Educational Services is dedicated to providing educational excellence to prepare every student for success in their individual role to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s society.Educational Services applies pioneering 21st Century practices to meet student achievement goals and strengthen El Dorado County’s educational foundation through a wide range of educational offerings. Recognizing that the diverse student population of El Dorado County has different educational needs, EDCOE empowers educators to develop innovative and engaging educational experiences throughout the county. Laying a foundation for achievement involves providing students with the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively, communicate articulately and collaborate effectively. The State Standards provide the framework for students to acquire and perfect skills to succeed in higher education or a career. EDCOE provides families the peace of mind knowing that their children will gain the knowledge and skillset necessary to compete in today’s economy and tomorrow’s world.

K-12 Educational Programs

School programs are the foundation of EDCOE -- varying widely...


Child Development Services

The department builds partnerships among families, schools and communities to...


Special Services

Special Services facilitates a range of special education services to...


For Parents

As partners in your child’s education, families play a pivotal...


El Dorado County Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA)

The El Dorado County Special Education Local Planning Area (SELPA)...


Support Services

Guided by the principle that education should be accessible to...


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