Children with smiling faces sitting on a carpet

Nutrition and Health

Our programs offer breakfast, lunch, and snack determined by each program’s schedule. Meals are served “family style” to provide a healthy eating environment to help teach our children about good nutrition. We believe it is important for children to learn to serve themselves. We never force, trick or coerce a child into eating. We honor the division of responsibility in feeding children, acknowledging that our role as care givers is to provide nourishing foods and it is the role of the child to decide how much to eat. We offer special diets for children that require food restrictions due to allergies and/or food sensitivities; notify our Nutrition Coordinator to process appropriate paperwork.

Children who are well-nourished have energy to play and grow, maintain a healthy weight, and are able to concentrate and focus on learning. Monthly nutrition newsletters are available that highlight healthy cooking ideas and family activities to support a healthy lifestyle in your homes. Our programs offer many opportunities for physical activity as well. Combining daily activity with a balanced diet provides children with the key elements for growing and reaching their fullest potential.

We strive to make meals and snacks as nutritious as possible, serving a variety of healthy foods with emphasis on plenty of whole grain-rich breads and cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, and proteins, from animals, plants and dairy- offering a menu with high nutrient value. We ask that you help support these policies by leaving all sweets at home. Our teachers will celebrate special days with children using alternative activities; we are happy to share ideas for your participation with celebration activities.

For more information on Nutrition and health, please visit our Nutrition and Health pages.