Andrea Lindner Jones, Health Coordinator



The program promotes preventative healthcare and early intervention services for families to ensure that children continue to receive comprehensive health care even after leaving the program.

In addition, we are dedicated to ensuring your child’s safety while they are with us.  Each completed health history is reviewed by the Health Coordinator.  If your child has a specific condition or diagnosis, such as asthma, the child’s provider must complete a care plan and medication sheet (if needed).  This care plan tells us how to best care for your child during school hours.  The paperwork will be given to you by program staff. 

To further promote the health of your child, the Health Coordinator also:

1)      Conducts hearing and vision screens on children with signed consents.

2)      Coordinates on-site dental screenings with a local dentist. 

3)      Facilitates medical or dental appointments, if requested.

4)      Delivers information about health and prevention at parent meetings.

5)      Provides information and resources to families and staff.


Prevention and knowledge are key elements in maintaining health.  If you click on the "links" hyperlink to the right, you will find information on a number of safety issues and preschool illnesses/conditions.  Please note, this is for information purposes and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice: