Community Advisory Committee

2018-19 Meeting Dates:

October 2nd

January 22nd

April 9th

El Dorado County's Community Advisory Committee (CAC) consists of parents, teachers, and representatives of community agencies serving students with special needs from birth through age 22. CAC members are appointed by the Governing Board of each participating district. The CAC by-laws further describe the role and responsibilities of the Committee and specific implementation strategies. In addition to advising the SELPA on the development and review of the local plan, CAC supports a variety of activities on behalf of individuals with exceptional needs and their parents. CAC's community education efforts include:

  • Provide input on the Local Plan for the El Dorado County SELPA
  • Parent Workshops by request

Through CAC parents can: 
  • Learn about school and community resources related to special education
  • Receive training and skill building through workshops
  • Discuss ideas and concerns with people who will listen, understand, and respond
  • Collaborate and network with other parents
  • Have the opportunity for personal growth and leadership development
  • Receive information related to your child's disability
  • Engage in effective advocacy for children with special needs

CAC Meetings (Click here for flyer)

The El Dorado SELPA Local Plan (pdf)

What is the EDCOE CAC? (pdf)

Parent Handbook (English)

Local Resource List (pdf)

State Resource List (pdf)

National Resource List (pdf)