SELPA Program/Business Committee Focus

The Committee is made up of special education program and business district representatives.   The primary task for the group is to review the detailed financial documentation prepared for the SELPA and to determine if it meets the AB602 Allocation Plan guidelines as approved by the SELPA Allocation Plan Task Force and SELPA Superintendents’ Council. This includes the base funding distribution; special needs pool and NPS pool.  In addition, the Committee may be assigned tasks by the Superintendent Task Force to develop recommendations to “fine-tune” the existing Allocation Plan formulas.  For example, the Committee has made recommendations relative to declining enrollment, charter schools, and under utilization criteria.

We are required by law to develop a SELPA budget document that reflects income and expenditures for all LEAs in our SELPA.  This Committee will take lead in annually revising and modifying the SELPA budget document to ensure the document is an accurate and helpful reflection of how our resources are allocated.  This comprehensive document is released in November.

The AB602 Narrative Allocation Plan document is updated in each year.  This document is revised to reflect any changes that occurred throughout the year relative to the SELPA Allocation Plan and ensure that all changes are incorporated in one narrative document.  This Committee takes lead in revising this Allocation Plan document.

Agendas are provided, as well as addendums and minutes for meetings covering an array of standing and evolving issues related to financial governance.