El Dorado County Educators Receive Vaccinations at an Accelerated Pace

El Dorado County Educators Receive Vaccinations at an Accelerated Pace

00:00 AM - March 10, 2021

Exceptional commitment and partnership have made it possible for all educators to receive a vaccination by the end of March. Several mass clinics have been offered to expand vaccination efforts across El Dorado County. This is made possible through partnerships between El Dorado County Public Health, Emergency Operations Center, El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE), Safeway and Walgreens pharmacies, and more.

“We value the strength of our community to develop a critical and responsive support system as schools return to the classroom full-time,” Dr. Ed Manansala, El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, noted. “This is a significant win for students, families, educators, and El Dorado County!”

One public vaccination clinic was hosted at El Dorado Hills Fire Department, Station 86, where 440 educators and 260 senior citizens received vaccinations drive-thru style. The fire department, Emergency Operations Center, EDCOE, school nurses and several school district superintendents staffed the event. Meg Enns, Gold Oak Union School District Superintendent, volunteered at the clinic and remarked, “This clinic is truly impressive and will give our educators peace of mind that they are protected at the highest extent in our schools. We are thankful for this opportunity and look forward to future clinics.”

Amber Uber, school nurse at Oak Ridge High School, volunteered at the clinic and remarked, “I feel it is a strong step in the right direction to allow more front line teachers to be vaccinated and keep everyone safe.” 

Michael Lilienthal, Deputy Fire Chief, was an integral organizer of the clinic and explained why it was a priority for the station, “It is important for teachers to feel comfortable going into the classroom. We knew that there were two groups of utmost importance – educators and senior citizens. This was a big team effort and done in alignment with state priorities.”

Kale Elledge, educator at EDCOE who received his vaccination at the Fire Station, expressed, “I’m glad that these opportunities are available for educators. The process was extremely efficient, and the actual vaccination was painless. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.”

Another clinic was hosted by EDCOE on their campus in Placerville, and one was hosted in South Lake Tahoe at Lake Tahoe Community College. Vaccinations were allotted by the county, and Safeway pharmacies administered the doses. At the two clinics, a total of 398 educators and 195 senior citizens received vaccinations. Several more clinics are being scheduled throughout the month of March.