Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots

Is there any greater joy than seeing a child’s smile? We are pleased to be a part of generating smiles for disadvantaged children by helping them receive at least one toy during the holidays.

In addition to excellent classroom learning environments, our schools provide an array of resources and supports for children and families. Assisting disadvantaged families with registration for the County’s Toys for Tots program is one such example. For several weeks in December, school administrators and staff at our elementary and middle schools open their workspaces to an influx of people coming and going. They set aside regular duties to patiently listen to stories of need and receive offers to ‘give-back’ while helping parents complete registration forms. We are pleased to report that this year approximately 1,100 families signed up for Toys for Tots through our schools and County Office of Education programs (Charter Schools, Special Services, Child Development and Foster Youth).

Data from registration forms is collected by County Office of Education staff to be compared with requests made through various community giving programs. In collaboration with various organizations, agencies and individuals, staff of our Child Development Department coordinate Christmas giving programs throughout the County so that many needy families receive support, food, clothing and toys during the holidays.

We are grateful for the extraordinary efforts of Stacie Walls and MCL “Hangtown” Detachment 697 expend to obtain community support for Toys for Tots so there are plenty of toys to go around. I also want to acknowledge the generosity of our district superintendents, principals, school staffs, and County Office of Education program administrators and employees for their unsurpassed support of the Toys for Tots program.

If you would like more information regarding our local Toys for Tots program, please email, call 530-313-0205 or visit and