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personnel services

Andersen, Amy
Executive Director of Personnel Services
Phone: 530-295-2219
Fax: 560-621-1395
Tags: personnel services

Brandt, Kimberly
Personnel Technician II - Certificated
Phone: (530)295-2326
Fax: (530)621-1395
Tags: personnel services, job openings

Hartley, Eileen
Program Assistant (Confidential)
Phone: 530-295-2250
Fax: 530-621-1395
Tags: personnel services

Johnson, Leisa
Benefits Technician
Phone: 530-295-2226
Fax: 530-621-1395
Tags: personnel services, benefits, health benefits, medical plan rates

Lantsberger, LuAnn
Personnel Coordinator
Phone: (530) 295-4533
Fax: (530) 621-1395
Tags: personnel services

Proper, Cathy
Credentials Analyst
Phone: 530-295-2220
Fax: 530-621-1395
Tags: personnel services, credentialing services

Rapetti, Jana
Personnel Technician II - Classified
Phone: (530) 295-2326
Fax: (530) 621-1395
Tags: personnel services, job openings, substitute services certificated classified

Reynolds, Beth
Substitute System Specialist
Phone: 530-295-2237
Fax: 530-621-1395
Tags: personnel services, subfinder system, substitute services certificated classified

Wilcox, Debra
Personnel Technician
Phone: 530-295-2258
Fax: 530-621-1395
Tags: personnel services, finger printing services