El Dorado County by the Numbers

El Dorado County By the Numbers

El Dorado County is comprised of fifteen school districts with a total of 67 schools.

This is the county-wide summary profile page and includes summaries statistics for all school districts in the county.

El Dorado-Census Day Enrollment by Grade-undefined-This graph shows the count of K-12 public school students in this county by grade. Note: These counts do not include short-term enrollments. Visit ed-data.org for more information.

El Dorado-Average Class Size By Grade-Average class size is the number of students enrolled in classes divided by the number of classes. The data in this table are calculated using the California Department of Education

El Dorado-Schools by Type-This graph includes counts of public schools in this county by school type. The total number of schools includes charter schools but does not include preschool, nonpublic nonsectarian, and district office schools.

El Dorado-Educational Options-This graph shows counts of students in school and program alternatives that accommodate different student needs, interests, and learning styles. With the exception of independent study and magnets, these programs largely serve high school students. Note: Starting in 2013-14, Smaller Learning Communities and Thematic Schools and Programs are included in Alternative Schools and Programs of Choice. Visit ed-data.org for more information.

El Dorado-English Learners-This graph displays the number of students in this county who were classified as English learners when enrollment counts were taken. (Note: In 2010-11, some 413 districts and independently reporting charters did not certify their EL data, resulting in an undercount of about 405,018 EL students statewide. In most cases, if a dip is seen in 2010-11, it is due to missing data, not a decrease in English learners.) Visit ed-data.org for more information.

El Dorado-Languages of English Learners-This graph displays the count of students speaking each of the top five languages in this county. A total of 2,664,921 California public school students (English Learners and Fluent English Proficient) speak a language other than English in their homes. This number represents about 42.8 percent of the state