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Charter Home Study Academy’s Craft Faire Teaches Real World Skills

16:20 PM - December 12, 2022

In November, the EDCOE Charter Home Study Academy (CHSA) program hosted its annual Student Craft Faire where student entrepreneurs peddled their handcrafted wares to customers of all ages. Each booth, staffed by a student crafter between kindergarten and eighth grade, sold handmade products like jewelry, toys, baked goods, and decorations. By having students create and run their own businesses, the Craft Faire aligns with CHSA's mission of building and applying foundational skills in ways that make learning engaging, relevant, and fun.

To participate, students must submit a business plan in which they gain valuable experience in creativity and handling finances. After selling their products, students visited classmates’ booths to barter and purchase goods. Students also received prizes in categories such as Master Entrepreneur, Best Logo, Best Display, and Most Innovative.


Master Entrepreneur, 1st Place: Athalia and Tigran Martin, 5th and 2nd grades, respectively

Master Entrepreneur, 2nd Place: Jarrod Bari, 8th grade

Master Entrepreneur, 3rd Place: Talia Rebolcaba, 6th grade

Best Marketing: Hannah Wilke, 5th grade

Best Display: Marilyn Judge, 5th grade

Most Innovative: Emily McGlinchey, 2nd grade

Best Business Card: Emma Triplett, 6th grade 

Best Logo: Lacey Rebolcaba, 5th grade

Best Slogan: Mabel Hinds, 6th grade

Sixth-grader Emma Triplett made candy-coated pretzels (which sold quickly), lavender bags, and cake pops. “I’m proud of how they turned out and how creative I could get with them,” she shared.

Secretary Amy Butera and fourth-grade teacher Dorothy Hinds took on the task of running the Craft Faire this year and they planned and executed a successful and educational event for all. This year’s participation was outstanding, packing the multi-purpose room to the brim. Principal Steve Bryant could be seen excitedly visiting each booth and engaging with students. “The craft faire is a tradition that is enduring and incredibly meaningful to the school because students can combine their creativity and personal passions with the real-world skills of budgeting, critical thinking, and communication. I am incredibly proud of each of our crafters and their unique, quality products and in awe of how innovative the products, booths, and marketing have grown each year,” said Bryant.

CHSA, located at the Charles Brown campus in El Dorado, provides significant support and resources for families who choose to homeschool their children. Students have the option to attend classes in core content areas, or conduct their studies at home, guided by parents and supported by credentialed teachers.

More information about the EDCOE Charter Home Study Academy program can be found online at or by calling 530-622-6984.

Fifth grade student Marilyn Judge was awarded Best Display.

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