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CHSA’s Craft Faire Turns Students into Entrepreneurs

00:00 AM - November 28, 2016

CHSA’s Craft Faire Turns Students into Entrepreneurs

The Charter Home Study Academy (CHSA) multipurpose room was filled with eager customers traveling from booth to booth and purchasing homemade creations from student business owners. November 17 was the 19th Annual Craft Faire, where transitional kindergarten through eighth-grade students sold holiday decorations, bracelets, paintings, apple cider, food, and more. The project exemplifies CHSA’s mission, which emphasizes empowering students by building foundational skills and then applying those skills in ways that make learning engaging, relevant, and fun.

“Students gain valuable experience in economics and money management,” School Administrator Dianne Deitchman, explained.  “We’ve added “slogans and logos” as a component this year, so the students experience another element of marketing. Some samples include “Good Ole Coffee!”, “Nothin’ Beats Livin’ on a Farm” (wood decorations), and “Tame Those Tresses” (hair accessories).”

After selling their wares, vendors visited classmates’ booths to barter and purchase goods. Students also received prizes in categories such as Master Entrepreneurs, Best Marketing, Best Display, and Most Innovative Products.


1st Place Master Entrepreneur - Olivia Kaihe, 6th grade
2nd Place Master Entrepreneur - Joey Chaloupka and Jude Gilmore, 7th grade
3rd Place Master Entrepreneur - Riley Smith, 4th grade
Best Display - Libby Webb, 8th grade
Best Marketing - Eva Smith, 6th grade
Most Innovative Product - Lilah Hinds, 3rd grade
Best Slogan - Faith Hinds, 6th grade
Best Logo - Jayden Lemming, 3rd grade

Olivia Kaihe, our Master Entrepreneur, named her storefront, “Dessert Imposters” and featured cupcakes from around the world. “There were some bumps along the way with planning, but it taught me to keep moving forward,” said Olivia. “When challenges arise, I’ve learned to persevere because, in the end, it will be well worth it!” 

The CHSA program serves families who choose to homeschool their children. Students have the option to attend classes in core content areas and academics received at home. Lessons at home are guided by parents and supported by credentialed teachers. More information about the Charter Home Study Academy program can be found or by calling 530-622-6984.

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