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El Dorado County Board of Education Trustees Take Oath

09:25 AM - December 23, 2022

Richard Fischer, Georgianne Knight, Charlie Downs, Amy Sellers, Adam Clark, and Dr. Ed Manansala

At the December 13 meeting of the El Dorado County Board of Education, three trustees took their Oath of Office: Georgianne Knight for Area 1, Adam Clark for Area 2, and Amy Sellers for Area 4. El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Ed Manansala, shared, “The strong commitment to children, youth, and families is evident in these three trustees. The collective strength of the EDCOE Board is the relentless pursuit of protecting and enhancing the excellent education system in El Dorado County.”

Knight first joined the board in 2014 and brings with her years of education experience. She worked for the California Department of Education for 18 years, where she collaborated with the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE), California school districts, and the State Board of Education as the administrator of the Program and Policy Unit. In San Diego County, she worked as a county office administrator and teacher. Knight also holds lifetime administration and teaching credentials. 

Clark was first sworn into his role as trustee earlier this year, filling a vacancy, and was voted in to continue his work. He is currently an attorney for the El Dorado County Office of the Alternate Public Defender and works on juvenile delinquency cases, giving him unique insight into issues children in El Dorado County face. He is a graduate of El Dorado County schools, having attended both Camino School and El Dorado High School. 

Sellers is new to the board and is eager to advocate for parents and the community. She has five children who completed high school in El Dorado County, with the other five graduating from Folsom High School. She and her family enjoy the rural lifestyle and relationships developed throughout the years. 

The El Dorado County Board of Education serves four-year terms in its position of public trust as elected officials with each member representing a separate geographical area of the county. The Board brings the diverse voices of their constituents together to set educational goals and address specific student issues. They also provide leadership on emerging educational issues and legislative requirements in conjunction with their state-mandated functions. 

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