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Measure C provides enhanced schools at MLUSD

00:00 AM - December 15, 2018

Indian Creek School aerial view

Indian Creek School aerial view

After their generous community passed Measure C in 2016, Mother Lode Union School District (MLUSD) students came back to class this fall with a renewed sense of pride made possible by massive efforts to enhance Indian Creek and Herbert C. Green Schools. Superintendent Marcy Guthrie expressed, “This was a long and thoughtful process that ultimately accomplished our mission to improve facilities for our students, staff, and community. I’m thankful for all of the hard work invested over several years, and grateful for the opportunity to work with partners to save taxpayer dollars.”

El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Ed Manansala, noted, “The refurbishing of these schools was a massive effort, and I commend Superintendent Guthrie, the MLUSD team, their generous community, and everyone who worked to make this vision a reality.”

Renovations on the sites included new bathrooms, the remodeling of existing bathrooms, the replacement of portable classrooms, a new administrative office, roofs, HVAC systems, and parking lots were redesigned and paved to increase safety and streamline traffic. Lisa Donaldson is the MLUSD Chief Business Officer and noted, “At Indian Creek School, our redesigned parking lots and traffic flow allows for three times the number of parents during drop-off and pick-up times which frees up traffic from Green Valley Road.”

Herbert C. Green Middle School aerial view

Herbert C. Green Middle School aerial view

Herbert C. Green Middle School Principal, Leslie Redkey, explained, “It was amazing to see on the first day students come onto campus and react very positively to the updates. In addition to the five new classrooms, we have a redesigned office that makes day-to-day operations much more efficient. The students who have not been here before may not know the difference, but our teachers really appreciate the new classrooms and have done a beautiful job setting them up. It’s been a really nice start to a new school year.”

Principal Redkey went on to explain that there were several safety and accessibility enhancements made to the campus. During a recent game, a parent who uses a wheelchair expressed appreciation for the increased accessibility for those who have physical challenges.

Regarding MLUSD’s journey, Board President Janet VanderLinden, remarked, “My feelings about the whole process from setting up the bond for election, working with the District’s financial advisor, Lori Raineri of Government Financial Services Inc., selecting the construction company, Landmark Construction, from the minute the construction projects started, all aspects have gone so professionally and smoothly. The Board knew what was happening every step of the way. The improvements are going to benefit our students. They deserve clean, new and safe school sites. Our teachers and staff do as well and are happy with the improvements.”

As it takes time to receive allocated funds from the state for the bond, MLUSD worked with Opus Bank’s financing team for a loan which allowed them to complete the three construction projects this summer. “The bank worked with us and provided flexible terms for bridge financing. We were able to complete the construction schedule, optimize interest costs, and efficiently utilize taxpayer funds. Without that flexibility, these projects would have been postponed to future years,” Superintendent Guthrie explained. “Before the construction of this project, the safety of our students and staff kept me up at night. Now, our schools provide secure, safe learning environments for our students to flourish.”

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