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Student Threat Assessment Model Implemented to Keep Schools Safe

08:15 AM - March 28, 2023

In March, more than 100 representatives from El Dorado County education, law enforcement, Health and Human Services, and the District Attorney’s office gathered for training on a new student threat assessment model that can be used to prevent violence in schools. The training took place at the El Dorado County Department of Probation and was opened by Carey Buchanan, El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Director, Alternative Programs. She stated, “There are many people in this county championing this work around student threat assessment. Thank you to everyone who made today possible.” The groups who were present at the training represent vital partnerships that help keep our schools safe for everyone.

Dr. Ed Manansala, El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, welcomed the convening and remarked, “In El Dorado County, we want to create one of the finest education systems in California and the nation… We are creating a system that helps to prevent threats and constructively intervene early when necessary. This work is critical in ensuring every student, family, and community member is safe and welcomed at every school in El Dorado County.” 

The model brings teams through a step-by-step process of identifying a student who is a possible threat to him or herself, assessing the threat level, and identifying next steps. The comprehensive training was provided by Dave Okada from Sigma Threat Management Associates and lasted an entire day. 

El Dorado County Sheriff Leikauf spoke and stated, “This fits into our vision statement of a modern approach. We need to be the tip of the spear, so to speak, and we need to use technology and partnerships as a coming together in the sharing of information to keep our community safer. Whatever we can do to protect our community and make our community safer, we should be doing that. We are all better together… and when the time arises, we come together to keep and make our community and schools safer.”  

District Attorney Vern Pierson was present and remarked, “For the last several years, we have worked at the executive level to get to this point. It’s another significant step in the process. This is significant because it’s a prevention model. Something to prevent and build a net to prevent something bad from happening. The idea here is to prevent bad things from happening by collaborating and working on getting out in front of it and making sure there is a communication system to prevent that.”

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