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County Board of Education

Our Board of Education serves four‐year terms in its position of public trust as elected officials. Each member represents a separate geographical area of the county. The Board brings the diverse voices of their constituents together to set educational goals and address specific student issues. The Board provides leadership on emerging educational issues and legislative requirements in conjunction with its state mandated functions. Members participate as leaders in community activities representing the interests of education. The Board welcomes the public to its meetings, typically held at 12:30 PM the first Tuesday of every month. If you have questions, please contact the Lizbeth Campo, Clerk of the Board at or 530-295-2235.

Staff Report Regarding Renewal Petition of Mountainside Middle College High School

Staff Report Regarding Renewal Petition of Charter Home Study Academy

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Dr. Charles M. Ware

Dr. Charles M. Ware , Trustee

Area 1 (Term expires 12/13/2024)

Districts served:
Portions of Buckeye, Latrobe, El Dorado Union High and Rescue

Adam Clark

Adam Clark , President

Area 2 (Term expires 12/11/2026)

Districts served:
Portions of Buckeye, Gold Oak, El Dorado Union High , Indian Diggings, Lake Tahoe, Latrobe, Mother Lode, Pioneer, Pollock Pines, and Rescue

Charlie Downs

Charlie Downs , Trustee

Area 3 (Term Expires 12/13/2024)

Districts served:
Portions of Buckeye, Camino, Gold Oak, Gold Trail, El Dorado Union High, Mother Lode, Placerville, and Pollock Pines

Amy Sellers

Amy Sellers , Vice President

Area 4 (Term Expires 12/11/2026)

Districts served:
Black Oak Mine, portions of Buckeye, Camino, El Dorado Union High, Gold Trail, Mother Lode, Placerville, Pollock Pines, and Rescue

Kathy Jensen

Kathy Jensen , Trustee

Area 5 (Term Expires 12/13/2024)

Districts served:
Portions of Camino, Indian Diggings, El Dorado Union High, Lake Tahoe Unified, Lake Tahoe Community College, Pioneer, Pollock Pines, and Silver Fork

Trustee District Boundaries
EDCOE Trustee Area Boundaries Map-2022