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A Dream Takes Flight: Markham Middle School Unveils a Spectacular Disc Golf Course

00:00 AM - December 12, 2023

The sun dipped low on the horizon as the Markham Middle School community gathered for a remarkable evening to witness the culmination of Jacob Paturel's ambitious Eagle Scout project – a dazzling new disc golf course. The atmosphere was charged with excitement, and even the local wildlife seemed to join in the celebration as a curious deer made an unexpected appearance, adding a touch of enchantment to the already magical event. 

Jacob Paturel is a dedicated member of Troop 460 and a Senior at Union Mine High School. He stood proudly in front of the newly completed disc golf course, surrounded by school officials, generous donors, and supporters who had rallied behind his vision. The evening marked the realization of a dream that had taken two years to come to fruition, a dream that had transformed into a vibrant reality thanks to the collective effort of the community. 

The project, which garnered an impressive $9,200 in donations, was made possible through the unwavering support of local businesses and organizations. A heartfelt shoutout goes to the project's sponsors, including Edwards A1 Appliance, Placerville Hardware, C&H Motor Parts, The Masons Club, the Rotary Club of Placerville, the Kiwanis Club of Placerville, The 20-30 Club, and The Markham Parent/Teacher Club. Their contributions played a pivotal role in turning a simple idea into a transformative venture for the school and the community.

"As a member of a local fraternal organization, such as the Free & Accepted Masons, I feel it is my duty to support the students in our area. Jacob Paturel is a wonderful example of the community-minded youth that make El Dorado such a great place to live. We were honored to support his Eagle Project," stated Grant Coffin, a representative from the Masons Club and Superintendent/Principal/Teacher of the Indian Diggings School Distric

In a letter addressed to the sponsors, Jacob expressed his gratitude, saying, "We have successfully finished the entire disc golf course. We thank all of you for supporting the project and making this idea possible." He extended an invitation to a special event planned for November 28 at 4:15 pm, where school officials, including the principal and superintendent, would join him for a final celebration at the disc golf course.

Jacob Paturel's passion for disc golf, deeply rooted in his family history, has now left a lasting legacy at Markham Middle School. The disc golf course stands not just as a testament to his dedication but as a communal space where future generations can forge memories and friendships.

As the sun set on this transformative day, the Markham Middle School community embraced the spirit of unity and accomplishment. Jacob Paturel's Eagle Scout project had not only brought a new dimension to the school's recreational offerings but had also become a symbol of what can be achieved when a community rallies together to support a shared vision.

Eric Bonniksen, Superintendent of the Placerville Union School District, expressed, “We are grateful for the hard work Jacob put in for his Eagle Scout project. This course is going to benefit the students at Markham and the community for many years to come. It is wonderful to be part of a community that comes together to meet the needs of our youth. Placerville is a special place.”

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