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Community Partners Meet for Boots on the Ground for Our Youth

15:30 PM - August 01, 2022

a large group of people stand together looking at cameraSchool has yet to begin, but EDCOE is promoting a special collaboration with community organizations to support El Dorado County children. Boots on the Ground for Our Youth is an alliance of dedicated professionals from across El Dorado County teaming with EDCOE to focus on youth behavioral health. "I truly believe in collaboration," comments Jesus Cordova a Family Specialist at EDCOE. "It’s all about community and working together for our children."

Boots on the Ground for Our Youth community partners met for the first time on July 28 to combine efforts and work toward one unified goal. Dr. Melissa Kistler, the Director of Program & District Support at EDCOE, facilitates the Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE) program and shares, "We are working together to break down silos and build capacity for youth behavioral health programs and services." Important topics for the meeting included connecting and combining forces for behavioral health support including mental health, mitigating tobacco and substance abuse, creating an event calendar to support programs, and work as a team to define further needs. "We are sharing information in a real way helping to create a positive impact," remarks Nora Mays, Program Assistant with El Dorado County Substance Use Disorder Services. "We do it because we care."

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