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EDCOE's Payroll Department Receives Excellence in Education Award

08:00 AM - May 13, 2024

At the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) Team Member Recognition event, the Payroll Department was honored with this year’s Department Excellence in Education Award. The accolade acknowledges the department's pivotal role in ensuring that all EDCOE employees receive timely and accurate pay, a fundamental aspect of educational administration.

The Payroll Department, led by Nancy Lawrence, Manager, Business Services–Internal Payroll, and comprising four dedicated payroll specialists, manages the payroll for over 600 employees. These employees include full-time staff, who receive monthly payrolls, and part-time team members, such as Extended Day employees, who receive supplemental payrolls. The department handles routine payroll tasks and excels in customer service, reassuring and supporting all EDCOE colleagues. 

After receiving the award, Nancy said, "The Payroll Team is extremely honored to receive the Excellence in Education Award, and we extend our thanks to all members of the EDCOE team for the special recognition. As the department leader, I am proud that our team is collaborative and has a strong relationship with program staff to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of paychecks for all EDCOE employees. Our Payroll Specialists–Kristin Arnal, Rayegon French, Diana Sampson, and Lisa Velasco–contribute unique strengths and innovative ideas that continually enhance our payroll processes. They also bring a light-hearted spirit to our office; if you visit the Business Department during break time, you might even catch a lively snowball fight in our payroll pod!"

Dr. Ed Manansala, El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, praised the Payroll Department during the award presentation, noting, "For this year’s Department Award, we would like to acknowledge our Payroll Department. Their unwavering passion for education and exemplary service has significantly enriched our systems."

The department’s commitment extends beyond traditional duties. Team members participate in back-to-school orientations and support staff with any inquiries regarding payroll issues. In line with EDCOE’s commitment to innovation, the department is transitioning to electronic timesheets to improve efficiency and accuracy. This initiative includes a phased implementation of the Frontline digital absence request and timesheet system, in collaboration with the IT department, to streamline operations and reduce manual entry.

The department's proactive approach and diligent work ethic have been instrumental in maintaining high morale among EDCOE employees. The team’s efforts to automate processes and their continuous engagement with staff to refine these systems have made a significant impact, ensuring that all employees feel supported and valued.

With the Excellence in Education Award, EDCOE recognizes the Payroll Department’s critical role and exemplary commitment to service. It is a testament to their hard work and dedication, which though often behind the scenes, is vital to the smooth operation of the entire organization.

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