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Empowering Futures: Celebrating Success at the Marshall School of Medical Assisting

09:00 AM - May 29, 2024

May is an exciting month filled with celebrations and graduations all throughout El Dorado County. On May 22, students from the Marshall School of Medical Assisting’s first cohort had the opportunity to put their newly acquired medical skills to the test during a special visit from Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools, and Jonathan Russell, Marshall Medical Chief Ambulatory Officer. 

During their education, students in the Marshall School of Medical Assisting learn about patient care, medical terminology and technology, patient records and documentation, safe handling and administration of medication, lab procedures, medical ethics, law, and much more. The program also features guest speakers from various medical departments to offer students different perspectives and experiences in medicine. The school’s hands-on teaching approach helps to equip students with the proper skills to confidently enter and sustain a lasting career in the medical field. 

All eight students in the first cohort scored an impressive 92% or above on their final grades. The students credited the school’s interactive instruction methods for helping them to retain information and refine their math skills. What is also so rich about the new program is its size. With small class sizes, teachers are able to dive deep into terminology and provide one-on-one attention. The cohort also quickly formed a close bond. The students were taught by a dynamic team, including Kara Miller-Halbert, Teacher, and Angie Land, Assistant Teacher. 

During the May visit, the students spoke with both Dr. Manansala and Mr.Russell about their “why” for joining the program. From seizing a new opportunity to wanting to expand their knowledge and give back to the community in which they live, the students are excited to enter the next chapter of their medical careers. 

The school is only possible with the ongoing partnership between EDCOE and Marshall Medical Center, one that is grounded in shared values and goals of service and impact. 

In addition to contributing a fully equipped location for the school, Marshall provides a wide variety of valuable externship opportunities for students in ambulatory care offices, including general surgery, pediatrics, gastroenterology, family medicine, and cardiology. Following their externships, the students will graduate from the program in July and will be immediately employable and ready to care for the community. 

“I am just so appreciative of how committed this cohort of individuals is to their studies. The Medical Assistant Program is creating opportunities to advance careers and will also boost employment opportunities while fulfilling a need for medical assistants within El Dorado County. By helping students achieve their dreams, we can help fulfill EDCOE’s mission of providing excellence in education through quality service to the community,” said Carey Buchanan, Director of Alternative Programs. “Our dedicated students have made it easy to operate this school, and they have set the tone for those who follow.” 

To conclude his visit, Dr. Manansala underscored the impact that the choice to pursue a career in healthcare will have on the students’ lives and in the greater community. 

“Service is in quiet places. It’s a mindset. It’s how we show up every day and how we care for others. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you for working hard to expand your knowledge and advance your careers. EDCOE’s partnership with Marshall Medical in creating the Medical Assistant Program has been an incredible highlight for me, and I am deeply grateful for the support and collaboration from all involved,” said Dr. Manansala.

The school is preparing to welcome its second cohort of 14 students this August. 

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