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First 5 El Dorado to Distribute Emergency Supplies to Child Care Providers Serving Children of Essential Workers

09:00 AM - May 18, 2020

Choices for Children’s Stacy Smithee and Ashley Knaub prepare for the Safety Supply Drive‐Thru, hosted for our community childcare providers.

PLACERVILLE, CA – First 5 El Dorado received thousands of dollars worth of mission‐critical supplies for child care providers who are caring for the children of essential workers and vulnerable populations during the COVID‐19 crisis.

The supplies include cleaning agents, personal protective equipment (PPE), and a limited number of books for families that will be distributed by Choices For Children, a child care resource and referral agency. A second delivery of supplies is expected in the next few weeks and will include additional supplies, as well as diapers and wipes.

“Our child care providers have been on the front lines of this crisis by enabling our healthcare, grocery store, janitorial, and other essential workers to remain at their jobs knowing their children are in good hands,” said Kathleen Guerrero, Executive Director of First 5 El Dorado Commission. “Child care has been and continues to be the backbone of our economy, allowing parents to go to work and keep society functioning.”

The supply delivery to El Dorado County is part of a First 5 statewide effort. In mid‐April, the First 5 California Commission approved up to $4 million in emergency funding to provide 60 days of supplies to child care providers serving essential workers and the broader community supporting vulnerable populations through local Community Hubs. The distribution of emergency supplies to each county is determined using a formula based on birth rate.

“It is important that child care providers and families with children have access to critical supplies during this extraordinary time,” said Camille Maben, Executive Director of First 5 California. “Working with our First 5 county partners, we hope this investment provides a measure of relief.”

As families adjust to the pandemic, the ability for child care providers to obtain these high demand supplies is crucial in keeping the community safe. “El Dorado County is grateful to the child care providers who have gone above and beyond by meeting the many challenges of remaining open during Covid‐19,” said Jennifer Lawrence, Resource and Referral Manager of Choices for Children. “They have selflessly dedicated themselves by offering the critical service of providing consistent, safe and healthy care to the children of essential workers. Choices for Children works to honor and support child care providers and will be hosting a Safety Supply Drive‐Thru on May 19th at the Cameron Park location.” For more information, contact Choices For Children at 530‐676‐0707.

About First 5 El Dorado Commission:

First 5 El Dorado Commission is your tobacco tax dollars at work so that all children will thrive and enter school ready to learn. For more information about the Commission, visit their website at To connect with Community Hubs, call 1‐833‐332‐4827.

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