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Kathi Jensen Takes Oath of Office as County Board of Education Trustee

17:05 PM - May 07, 2024

Kathi Jensen took the oath of office on May 7 to become the new Trustee for District 5 at the regular meeting of the El Dorado County Board of Education. Throughout the selection process, the Board of Education Trustees conducted public interviews with several well-qualified candidates, striving to choose the best fit for the role. Adam Clark, Board President, remarked, "We were presented with an exceptional pool of candidates, making the selection challenging. Ultimately, Kathi’s unique blend of experience and skills stood out, perfectly complementing the existing strengths of the Board, particularly in the crucial area of student equity. Kathi Jensen was unanimously confirmed by the Board Trustees."

Kathi Jensen expressed, “My commitment to public education in this county has encompassed my entire career. I have worked in our highest performing schools and schools that struggle with challenges. I want to ensure that our brightest and struggling students excel to their full potential.”

Kathi brings over 35 years of experience as an educator, alongside a commendable track record of community service and leadership in educational initiatives. She has notably served for 25 years on the executive board of the Boys and Girls Club of Lake Tahoe, where she collaborated closely with the Lake Tahoe Unified School District to deliver vital programs benefiting over 400 students through grant monies. Additionally, for the past two years, Kathi has been an instrumental member of the Citizens Oversight Committee at Lake Tahoe Community College, overseeing the proper expenditure of bond funding following the passage of measure F and ensuring transparency to the public. Her extensive experience and dedication make her an invaluable addition to our board.

Following the meeting, Dr. Ed Manansala, El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools, expressed, “I am pleased to welcome Kathi Jensen to the El Dorado County Board of Education. Her extensive background as an educator, combined with her proven leadership in community-based educational programs, will be beneficial to our students and families. Her experience in ensuring financial transparency and enhancing student programs aligns perfectly with our goals. I eagerly anticipate her contributions to our Board and the positive impact we will achieve together.”

This designation fills the vacancy left by former trustee Rich Fischer, and the term will run through December 13, 2024. The position will be up for election in November 2024. For further information about the El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE), visit

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