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Monthly Matters Video Message with Dr. Ed Manansala

08:00 AM - February 23, 2024

Highlighted: Love Letters to California! from El Dorado County 4th graders featured statewide! & Community HUBS!

Don't miss out on the latest educational highlights in our series, "Monthly Matters," hosted by El Dorado County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Ed Manansala. In this episode, we delve into the inspiring statewide "Love Letters to California" project with two examples from our own Camino Union School District, where 4th-grade students share why they love this beautiful state. Additionally, Dr. Manansala will shine a spotlight on El Dorado County’s "Community Hubs" program, a vital resource for families in our county.

Stay informed and engaged by tuning in to the episode now at or simply by clicking on the link or provided below. It's an excellent opportunity to stay connected with the educational initiatives shaping our community.

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