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Pac St. Perk: Brewing Inclusivity and Vocational Skills at EDCOE Green Valley Campus

10:00 AM - October 04, 2023

In the heart of Placerville, California, something heartwarming is brewing every Wednesday morning between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. at the El Dorado County Office of Education’s (EDCOE) Green Valley Campus. Meet Pac St. Perk, the newest pop-up coffee shop that’s not just serving beverages but also empowering young adults from the Pac St. Adult Transition Program. 

Pacific St. Adult Transition Program, under the guidance of Nikki Case and Nick Fadden, two dedicated EDCOE Special Services teachers, are committed to providing instructional support for adults with disabilities. The program recognizes the significance of imparting vocational and life skills to its participants, and Pac St. Perk is a testament to this commitment. Nick Fadden emphasizes, "The Pac St. Perk coffee shop helps introduce and support important vocational and life skills for participants. Not just making coffee but learning to work together and supplying great customer service."

These skills go beyond the coffee machine; they empower these young adults to be active contributors to society. Tess Kandalaft, a student in the program, is one of the shining stars at Pac St. Perk. She takes orders with a smile and keeps the line moving. When asked about her job, Tess shares, “I like doing this job because coffee is fun, and people like it.” 

Carrie Pearson, Coordinator to Dr. Ed Manansala at the El Dorado County Office of Education, attests to the quality of Pac St. Perk’s beverages. “I ordered a vanilla latte, and it’s creamy, and the expresso holds up to the vanilla, it’s excellent!” With offerings like mochas, standard lattes, and black coffee, Pac St. Perk ensures there’s something for everyone, all for less than $5 and please bring cash only. 

It's not just about coffee; it's about creating an inviting and positive atmosphere. When asked Casey Eads, a Web Application Developer within the EDCOE IT department, sums up the experience, saying, "I enjoy Pac Street Perk. The combination of how pleasant the staff is and offering caffeine makes for a perfect morning."

Pac St. Perk has no plans to slow down. The pop-up coffee shop is set to continue every Wednesday from 9:30-10:30 a.m. at the EDCOE Green Valley Campus throughout the school year. Special Services is grateful to both Nikki Case and Nick Fadden, along with their classroom support team for facilitating this meaningful learning experience for students, while also providing excellent coffee shop service to EDCOE’s Main campus. New participant baristas will rotate each week to offer this enriching experience to as many young adults in the program as possible.

Pac St. Perk is not just another coffee shop; it's a symbol of empowerment, inclusivity, and the potential of individuals with disabilities. It showcases the remarkable impact that a simple cup of coffee can have when served with a smile and a purpose.

Left to right: unidentified coffee, Phil with Tess, EDCOE customer, Ben Shaw in action x2 shots, Nick Fadden, Logo. Nick cleared both young adults for picture use.

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