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Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools
El Dorado County Welcomes Students and Parents Back to School

El Dorado County Welcomes Students and Parents Back to School

00:00 AM - August 02, 2016

El Dorado County Welcomes Students and Parents Back to School

The 2016-2017 school year is almost here, and educators are ready to welcome students back in the coming weeks. Students are ready to begin this year full of curiosity and excitement while educators are harnessing that energy to help each child become successful!

Throughout this website, you have access to information regarding a wide variety of services provided by EDCOE, and you can explore each school district here>>

Educational Services

Educational Services applies pioneering 21st Century practices to meet student achievement goals and strengthen El Dorado County’s educational foundation through a wide range of educational offerings. Recognizing that the student population of El Dorado County has different educational needs, EDCOE empowers educators to develop innovative and engaging educational experiences throughout the county. Laying a foundation for achievement involves providing students with the ability to think critically, solve problems creatively, communicate articulately and collaborate effectively. Click here to read more>>

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Division provides a variety of centralized support functions that allow school districts and county programs to operate their sites and programs efficiently. These services include EDCOE internal accounting, district fiscal oversight, business and personnel services, school safety, maintenance, procurement, and logistics. Various customized training and resources are offered through these services to empower leaders to manage their sites effectively and with the most current information. The team works together and leverages strategic alliances with other agencies and community groups to maximize taxpayer dollars that ultimately benefit El Dorado County’s teachers, students, and families. Click here to read more>>