SELPA Superintendents' Council

SELPA Superintendents' Council

SELPA Superintendents’ Council Focus

The SELPA Superintendents’ Council is made up of Superintendents/LEA Representatives.  The SELPA Superintendents’ Council considers recommendations submitted by the Executive Committee. This Council has final authority to act upon fiscal and policy recommendations made by the SELPA Steering Committee, SELPA Program/Business Committee, SELPA Allocation Plan Task Force and Executive Committee.

Approval Process

Policies recommended by the Executive Committee are disseminated to the full membership of the SELPA Superintendents’ Council for final action.  Each member of the SELPA Superintendents’ Council assumes responsibility for communication and presentation to their respective Governing Boards of Education of the adopted policy, and to all LEAs whom they represent.

Agendas are provided, as well as addendums and minutes for meetings covering an array of standing and evolving issues related to services.