Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program 

The Foster Youth Services Coordinating Program, developed with California Department of Education grants and Title I funds, focuses on improving educational outcomes for foster youth living in the county. Historically, FYSCP has collaborated with all foster youth serving public and non-profit agencies and provided a variety of services including:

    • Assistance in finding, obtaining and transferring school records.
    • Assistance in making appropriate school placements/changes.
    • Assistance in obtaining usable and/or specific school info for court.
    • Consultation regarding any school related issues, including educational mandates relating to foster youth such as AB490 and AB167, as well as educational rights and school of origin concerns.
    • Referrals/links to other services in schools and the community.
    • Direct services such as:
      · Consultation/training for caregivers on creating effective homework routines, interfacing with school to increase student accountability and basic problem solving.
      · Attendance/participation in Student Study Teams (SST) or IEP teams for students in danger of or already failing.
    • Creating effective behavioral/incentive intervention plans for improved student achievement.
    • Arranging for and funding tutoring for students in danger of or already failing.


Since the passing of AB854, FYSCP has additional responsibilities including:

    • Establishing ongoing collaboration with child welfare, probation, LEAs and other organizations to determine the proper educational placement of foster youth.
    • Building capacity with LEAs, probation, child welfare, and other organizations for purposes of implementing school-based support infrastructure for foster youth intended to improve educational outcomes.
    • Coordinating local planning with LEAs, probation, child welfare to support development and implementation of both the county and LEA Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) to improve educational outcomes for pupils in foster care.
    • Providing direct educational services for foster youth in LEAs or County-Operated Programs provided the school district has certified that such services cannot be provided or funded using other sources, including, but not limited to, LCFF, federal, state, or local funding.
    • Establishing policies and procedures that ensure the timely and appropriate educational placement, the establishment of individualized education plans and the transfer of records, transcripts, and other relevant educational information.
    • Facilitating the coordination with local postsecondary institutions, including, but not limited to, community colleges or universities.