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Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools
Foster Youth Services

Foster Youth Services

El Dorado County Foster Youth Services (FYS), developed with California Department of Education (CDE) grants and Title I funds, focuses on alleviating problems leading to low academic performance and the subsequent long-term affects for foster youth.

One of the statewide goals is to reduce the time foster youth spend out of school due to the many placement changes they experience.  FYS assists districts in meeting the requirements of immediate enrollment and two day transfer of records mandated by AB490 to attain this goal.  In addition, FYS is asked to create services to improve academic achievement for foster youth.  In El Dorado County, FYS provides the following services:

RECORDS ASSISTANCE: In general, El Dorado County schools are transferring records within the county well within the guidelines of AB490 and without assistance.  FYS does assist local school districts in locating and transferring foster youth records from numerous counties across California.  With our membership in the regional database operated by Sacramento County FYS, and our statewide FYS collaboration, we are poised to assist any district with records problems.

TRAINING AND CONSULTATION:FYS offers all school districts training and consultation on new laws related to the education of foster youth, as well as links to other services and programs to assist with any foster youth issues that arise.  In addition, FYS trains other foster youth serving agencies such as group and foster home care providers, CASA’s and social workers on how to appropriately encourage and advocate for foster youth with regard to their education.

INDIVIDUALIZED SERVICES: FYS accepts referrals for services for individual foster youth in El Dorado County public schools who need assistance to improve their academic performance. Outreach also occurs to educate placement workers, CASA workers, schools and other groups that work with foster youth about the program and to encourage referrals.  To refer a student for services, contact the Program Coordinator.  An IEP or SST with school, care provider and placement worker is necessary to establish the strengths and needs of the student.  The Program Coordinator attends and then is able to provide:

  • Case management, advocacy and links to other local services
  • Individualized behavioral and/or incentive plan assistance
  • Foster parent training on supporting school success (usually home to school communication and accountability as well as structuring homework success),
  • Tutoring services created, assisted and/or funded, and
  • Funds for other gaps in services that directly impact school success

TARGET SITES ACADEMIC SUPPORT SERVICES: Another component of the project is providing services to targeted sites with large concentrations of foster youth. FYS currently provides a group home based tutoring program for Tahoe Turning Point, a school based program for Charter Community School, a tutoring program for El Dorado High School and a tutoring program for Camerado Middle School.