Visually Impaired/Mobility

Students who meet the eligibility criteria for visual impairments are served through direct and indirect itinerant services.  Services are individualized and range from daily interventions for students who require more intensive support to monthly consultations for students who require less direct support.  The itinerant instructors work collaboratively with classroom teachers and the student’s IEP team to determine and implement necessary support services.

Description of Services:

  • Accessing accommodations and/or modifications, braille or large-print materials, and/or other learning resources
  • Working on orientation and mobility by providing instruction to individuals with visual impairment in the use of their remaining senses to determine their position within the environment and in techniques for safe movement from one place to another
  • Addressing the visual needs of students
  • Determining the need for and addresses any braille and or tactile needs
  • Consulting with staff on accommodations and modifications of students with vision impairments