External Accounting Services

Accounting Services

The Accounting Services unit serves as a hub of financial activity to ensure school district income is received and bills are paid. To facilitate the flow of revenues and maximize resources for local educational agencies, we inform districts when monies are on the way, provide notices to the county auditor-controller and treasury, and record deposits of property taxes and federal, state and local apportionments. We also process accounts payable (AP) commercial warrants, cancelled and stale-dated checks, electronic transfers and 1099 forms on behalf of school districts in the county.

This unit has a key role in cash management and corrects errors identified on monthly cash reconciliations to ensure all cash transactions are recorded properly in the general ledger and at the county auditor-controller’s office.

Click here to access the EDCOE Deposit Log Portal for preparing El Dorado County Deposit Permits

You may contact us at accountspayable@edcoe.org.