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Mission Statement & Program Goals

EDCOE Mission Statement

The County Office of Education will provide leadership into the 21st century through quality service to school districts, students, parents and community, while promoting educational excellence for all learners through the following means:

  • Provide leadership and advocacy support on behalf of public education.
  • Develop and implement student programs, as requested by school districts or in response to community needs.
  • Serve as an intermediate educational agency between school districts and state control agencies as mandated through legislative or administrative acts.
  • Coordinate educational programs and services to maximize effectiveness and reduce duplication of efforts and provide technical assistance as needed.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality early care and education in a safe nurturing environment with highly qualified and motivated staff, committed to educational excellence and service.

Program Philosophy

The Child Development Programs are dedicated to providing quality early education experiences that engage parents in the growth and development of their children to support school readiness and lifelong success.

Program Goals

  • Approaches to Learning: Encourages initiative, curiosity, creativity, and self-regulation. Supporting children's ability to acquire knowledge, learn new skills, and achieve goals.
  • Social-Emotional Development: Develops independence and relationships that support a positive self-concept and the ability to express, recognize, and manage their own emotions.
  • Cognition: Develops the skills needed for reasoning, memory, problem solving, and thinking through individualized developmentally appropriate activities.
  • Language and Literacy: Provides opportunities for written and oral expression. Children with strong language skills are prepared to be successful learners in school.
  • Perceptual, Motor & Physical Development: Promotes the development of large and small muscles for maximum integration of sensorial and motor experiences.
  • Parent, School, & Community Involvement: Builds partnerships among families, schools, and communities that create seamless and strong alliances to enhance each child's development and promote family self-reliance.
  • Pregnancy Education: Pregnant women will understand developmental stages of pregnancy and prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth experience.