children with smiling faces sitting on a carpet

Family Engagement

Patricia Gordon, Family Engagement Coordinator


EDCOE Child Development Programs and Services recognizes that parents are their children's first teachers and regard parents as partners in their children's education. Research indicates that when parents are involved in their children's education, no matter their income or background, children:

  • Adjust more positively to school and like school
  • Attend school regularly
  • Get better grades
  • Demonstrate healthier social skills
  • Have better peer relationships
  • Tend to get a higher education

Family Services:

Our Family Services approach is shaped by our goal to support family well-being so all children enter school ready to learn. We offer a unique opportunity for families to partner with Family Service Specialists/Associate and Home Visiting Teachers who support families on a path to healthy self-reliance. Our comprehensive program offers the opportunity for you to partner with our staff, in order to identify family strengths and create an on-going family development plan. This plan includes goals that you want to achieve for yourself and your family and provides connections to local community groups or services that support family well-being.


Parents are welcome at any time! We encourage parents to volunteer in their child’s classroom. Children love to have their parents help in their classroom. When children see you volunteer:

  • You are reassuring them that school is a good place to be.
  • You make them feel special and important.
  • You create opportunities to share in the learning process.
  • You offer extra support in the classroom so children can receive more individualized instruction

Even if you work or attend school, your child’s teacher can provide you with many ways you can contribute to the classroom environment or work with your child on school readiness activities at home. Your volunteer hours help generate In-Kind contributions which are a requirement of the Early Head Start/Head Start Programs. The program has established a goal that each family donates only 5 HOURS per month, per child of In-Kind. There are many ways parents can earn In-kind on school and non-school days. Your Home Visiting Teacher or Family Service Specialist/Associate will guide you through the process at enrollment.


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