Children with smiling faces sitting on a carpet


Paula Rapetti, Health/Nutrition Coordinator


Our programs offer action-oriented nutrition education with many opportunities to explore fresh produce and new foods. Children experience healthy meals daily – family style – with a focus on a child’s choice to serve themselves. We provide special diets for children with food allergies and food sensitivities. For information on diet accommodations and forms, contact our Nutrition Coordinator.

We believe a balanced life is essential for children to focus on learning and growing which includes healthy diets, physical activity, and plenty of sleep. While in our programs, families receive information on nutrition, healthy lifestyle choices and family-building resources.

Our meals include: fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain-rich breads and cereal, nutrient-dense proteins (including plant-based) and low fat dairy. We ask that all sweet treats are kept at home. Our teachers celebrate special days with healthful activities. We encourage participation and can provide a list of approved ideas for classroom celebrations.

Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Information Website links:

Choose My Plate – USDA materials for everything associated with good health, for all ages

The Family Dinner Project – Fun and delicious family mealtime resources

Eat Fresh – SNAP-ed website with recipes and nutrition information for all foods. logoCalifornia W I C Women, Infants, and Childen - Families gorw healthy with W I C logo Harvest of the Month logo