Central Sierra ROP

Central Sierra Regional Occupation Program (CSROP)

Central Sierra ROP is comprised of three sections representing the three school districts in El Dorado County which offer high school programs; Black Oak Mine Unified School District, El Dorado Union School District, and Lake Tahoe Unified School District. Each section develops and facilitates their specific course offerings.

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Regional Occupational Centers and Programs (ROCP)s are a major component of California’s workforce preparation system. The purpose of ROCP is to prepare students to (1) enter the workforce with the skills and competencies necessary to succeed, (2) pursue advanced training in higher educational institutions, and/or (3) upgrade existing skills and knowledge. ROCP courses are open secondary students 16 years of age and older, and also adult students. The ROCP delivery system is directly linked to business and industry through advisory committees and provides work-based learning opportunities for students.

ROCPs are an important component in the continuum of sequenced CTE courses offered in public secondary schools. The beginning of the continuum may start in the middle school, but most sequences begin in high school. Students are first exposed to exploratory courses to build their awareness and career-related knowledge. These experiences often contribute to a student’s decision to take additional CTE courses or concentrate on a sequenced pathway of interest. High school CTE courses often lead to ROCP courses, which are designed to provide more focused occupational training. Therefore, ROCP courses are typically the more advanced capstone courses that students take during grades eleven and twelve to prepare for entry-level jobs or to make a transition to postsecondary education, technical training, or apprenticeships.

Many ROCP courses are articulated with a local California community college district. ROCPs provide high-quality CTE programs and contribute to students’ academic and career educational achievement, allowing them a smooth entry into the workforce or postsecondary education. ROCP course curricula are state-certified, and students who complete the training receive certificates typically indicating the competencies each student has mastered. Depending on the course, students may also receive industry certification that is recognized regionally, statewide, or nationally.

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