SELPA Services

SELPA Services

The El Dorado County SELPA partners with families to support the provision of quality special education services. We assist families in navigating the complex laws and processes that surround special education.

The SELPA strives to provide districts with the information and tools they need to develop and refine quality programs, implement high-quality educational practices, provide a full continuum of services and supports, and fully comply with legal mandates. The SELPA’s services to districts include:

  • Professional development for school staff based on requests and identified needs
  • Assistance with the management and monitoring of student data and records
  • Resources such as comprehensive Procedural Guidelines and Mental Health Guidelines
  • Allocation of special education funds as outlined in the Local Plan
  • Resources regarding outside agency services and supports
  • Program development, coordination, and evaluation

The SELPA is dedicated to providing information and support to families of children with special needs so they can be informed partners in the educational process. We are available to support parents and families with technical, procedural, and programmatic questions that may arise regarding Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and special education laws and processes. The SELPA’s services to families include:

  • Organizing and hosting Community Advisory Committee meetings
  • Providing access to program specialists to answer questions regarding Special Education programs and procedures
  • Offering services to support local dispute resolution, including IEP facilitation and local resolution
  • Training surrogate parents

For inquiries, please contact (530) 295-2476.

DistrictProgram SpecialistEmail
Black Oak Mine UnifiedDaina Mahaffey
Buckeye Union School DistrictKathy
Camino Union Elementary School DistrictDaina
EDCOE Charter AlternativeDaina
EDCOE Regionalized ProgramsLeslie
El Dorado Union High School DistrictKathy Smiley
Gold Oak Union ElementaryLeslie Navarrette
Gold Trail Union ElementaryKathy Smiley
Indian Diggings ElementaryLeslie
Mother Lode Union School DistrictDaina
Pioneer Union School DistrictDaina Mahaffey
Placerville Union School DistrictKathy
Pollock Pines ElementaryDaina
Rescue Union School DistrictKathy
Silver Fork ElementaryDaina