Online Learning Center

Online Learning Center

Web Modules

The following web modules were pre-recorded and developed to provide online learning opportunities.

Mega Letter Webmodule

Mega Letter Resource

Behavior Intervention Plans

Developing a Functional Behavior Assessment

- Resource Packet Fba Resource Packet

Extended School Year (ESY)

Paraeducators Series

1. Special Education Foundations & Responsibilities

2. Strategies for the Classroom, Executive Functioning, and Social Thinking

3. Behavior Management and Data Collection

Resources Available Here

Performance Indicator Review (PIR) Process

-PDF of this Presentation Pir Webmodule

Strategic Behavioral Intervention Series

Behavior Contracts

Check In / Check Out

Individual Visual Schedules

Peer Mentoring

-Peer Mentoring Resources:

Building Effective Peer Mentoring Programs (Intro Guide)

Elements of Effective Practice Checklist

Example of a High School Mentoring Program

Going the Distance: A Guide to Building Lasting Mentoring Relationships

Guide for Ongoing Training for Mentors

How to Select a Survey to Assess Your Mentoring Program

Mentor Guidelines

Quick Guide to Implementing a Peer Mediation Program

Sample Logic Model

Sample Mentee Questionnaire

Sample Pre-Post Teacher Survey

Tips for Mentors

What if Questions for Mentors

Reward Systems

School-Home Communications


Structured Breaks and Class Pass

SEIS Training Videos

How Providers Create Teacher Requests

How to Add or Create a Student Record in SEIS

How to Change Student Eligibility

How to Complete Teacher Requests

How to Exit a Student

How to Process a Student Disenrollment

How to Reactivate an Existing SPED Record

What to Update on a New Student Record

What to Update on an Exited or DNQ Record for a Student Being Reassessed

Recorded Webinars

The following recorded webinars were presented virtually to a live audience with live questions and answers.

Suspensions, Expulsions, and Manifestation Determinations - Presented by Heather Edwards of the Law Firm of Girard and Edwards

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