EDCOE Policies

EDCOE serves as the intermediate educational unit between the California State Department of Education and local school districts. Since its relationship to various levels of government and to local school districts is complex in nature, it is important that policies and rules be clearly defined in order to promote harmonious and effective working relationships. Policies often relate to provisions of the Education Code, Title V, and other codes and statutes. These policies, regulations, and procedures have been cooperatively developed and revised through the years to meet the challenges of our ever evolving community and culture. Policies are guidelines that have been adopted by the Superintendent or Board and provide broad but clear direction for discretionary action by the Superintendent and EDCOE staff. These documents are a reflection of County Board policies, the assignment of major responsibilities, and administrative regulations and selected procedures established by the Superintendent.

To access the El Dorado County Board of Education and Superintendent Policies, please visit Board Docs at:


Once you have navigated to Board Docs, choose the Policies tab in the upper right corner of the webpage: 

Image of accessing Policies at Board Docs